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This was Sooooo NOT a Freestyle

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We called it one anyway though 🙂

With an extra album track thrown in for good measure. This is an SOS….


It’s a season for new things, as evidenced by the snow that fell over Las Vegas in early January. Las Vegas is the new home of Rap Artist Ruyonga, a Ugandan-born and until recently, Illinois-based performer. With a new city and a name change, Ruyonga is about to release a new album–a deeply personal effort entitled S.O.S.
Formerly known as Krukid, Ruyonga has been described by as “a well-rounded Ugandan emcee” who “understands the big picture and how to weave his perspective and experiences into compelling songs”. And his “raw talent and his fresh and creative lyrics are garnering the attention of the hip-hop community worldwide,” according to

Ruyonga has done songs with many renowned artists including Brother Ali and Slug from Rhymesayers; Minneapolis-based, Ghanaian emcee M.anifest; Ugandan soul songstress Somi and South Africa’s Tumi of Tumi and The Volume. He has performed at many colleges and prominent festivals around the country, sharing stages with many respected artists, including K’Naan, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, The Roots, Wu Tang Clan, Lupe Fiasco and many others.

When asked why he changed his name, Edwin “Ruyonga” stated that he felt it a natural evolution of himself as a man and an artist. “When I took on the name Krukid, I was simply going with the nick-name I was accustomed to being called. I was barely in my teens and I valued a certain set of priorities, goals and intentions. I was definitely not sure of who I was or what I intended to project as a man, an African and an artist. Fifteen years later, most of these things about me are drastically different, especially my knowledge of self. I just felt it important for my name to reflect that.”
As a farewell to Krukid, Ruyonga released an EP on January 1st called Things Change. This 11-Track EP features many collaborations and production from G-Mo (4 Shades) and Budo. It can be heard at:
His new album, S.O.S., was released in conjunction with Guerilla Cross. Three singles, “Feel Me”, and “The Vow” and “This City” (featuring Icee Jonez and J Givens), preceeded the album’s release, which was Friday, January 28th, 2011.

Things Change

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Things Change. I started out wanting to be everyone i idolized on TV that glorified the glitzy life while claiming criminal backgrounds that they weren’t altogether cut off from. I related with the struggle and the open distaste for injustice. I felt a common bond due to skin color. I wanted to talk like they talk and walk like they walked. I wanted to live what I thought they lived. I looked up to people I believed I knew because they set out to sound known and believed.

And I was going to be the best at doing what they did.

Sometimes, whether tangible or not, priorities are things. You have to take possession of and own them. You have to nurture them and build them.

Things Change.

Welcome to Our World.

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There’s no you and no me, there’s just us.